Quick Fix When Using Caller ID Logs To Make Local Calls

telephoneBecause of the new need to use the Area Code now when calling local numbers we offer this tip when using the Caller ID log to call someone back.

I want to dial a phone number found in my Caller ID log, but the number is not using the area code with the number. What can i do?

Temporary Fix to add 812 to a currently select number in the Caller ID log:
– Find the number you want to call back in the caller ID log.
– On most phones press the # sign two times, which will show the area code and the call can be made now

Permanent Fix to add 812 to all numbers in the Caller ID log:
– Go to the phones “MENU”.
– Select the option named “Home Area Code” (it may be in a sub-menu under “Settings”)
– It will show 812 as the “Home Area Code” and we want to delete the 812 and leave it blank
– To delete the numbers press “Mute/Delete” or the “Off” button.
– Your phone system will now use the area code to be used for call backs in the Caller ID logs

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