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CW Backup Solutions is for small and medium businesses as well as individuals needing a backup solution for those important files you never want to lose.

What are the most common backup processes currently being performed by PC owners?

From not at all: The computer being used has the only copy of important files. The worst case scenario and usually the common one is the hard drive becoming corrupt or stops spinning. After this it then must be sent off to specialist using a clean room to recover those important files. The cost for this type of recovery starts at about $900.

Taking a bit more precautions: Purchasing an external hard drive, which is a great idea, but only if those backups are done on a regular daily or weekly basis. In many cases the backup to an external hard drive is being performed manually unless a special software is purchased to do the task for you. It isn’t uncommon for the manual task of backing up to become burden and schedules are not kept.

Using other online backup companies: Other places such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Carbonite, etc could be bought out or change the way they function. Our backup service is partnered with Gillware. Gillware specializes in file recovery/data recovery from hard drives, flash drives and SSD’s, along with backup solutions. They are known nationally and have a BBB rating of A+

The best solution: An Online Backup with CW Backup Solutions

  • In case of fire or unforeseen disaster you can rest assure that all your scheduled backups are safe and can be restored to a new PC if needed.
  • Backups are on a schedule and missed backups will be backed up the next time your computer starts.
  • Backups can be rated on a level of importance that you decide on which gives some backups higher priority than others if needed.
  • Our online backup solution keeps revisions of each file so you can go back in time and see previous copies. The number of revisions kept can be adjusted to any amount.
  • Our Online Backup allows you to specify the importance of files, file types, and folders. For example, small business owners typically set QuickBooks files to be most important followed by documents, spreadsheets, and lastly photos and music.
  • The possibility of losing data from your computers hard drive without this type of online backup is very likely since you only have one place it is being stored. A hard drive crash is unpredictable.
  • Your data is encrypted prior to transmission using a unique encryption key generated during installation of the software


What is it going to cost me to use an online backup solution like this?

  • The first 2 GB are FREE and each additional GB is $0.50 per month
  • There are no per computer charges
  • You pay month to month with no long-term commitments
  • You’re only charged for the amount of data you actually use
  • Your monthly bill will increase when you use more storage and decrease when you use less. No worries though, When you sign up you can set a price limit which will not be exceeded until authorized by you