Computer Repair Services

Our Services


Windows Installation – Customer is required to have all software and product keys necessary for the install of windows and any additional software for external devices like printers, scanners, cameras, etc.
Software Installation – We can install any software you request. The product key may be required for installation(s).
Hardware Drivers installation – This may be necessary if your system doesn’t recognize the internal hardware or external devices. An Internet connection may be required to perform this service on-site.
Hardware Upgrade/Replacement – We can install any hardware you need installed. Anything that isn’t  in stock can be ordered.

Hourly Services:

On-Site Work – First hour $65. Each additional hour – $25/hr
Computer Pick & Delivery– $20
After hours number (812) 686-2974

In-Shop Work – First hour $45. Each additional hour – $15/hr (Limited to 4 hrs)

Other Services:

In-Shop: Flat rate fees apply as listed below

File Backups – $15 First DVD/CD. $5 each additional DVD/CD
This is an option for backing up pictures, music, documents, emails, and other important files. In most cases no more than one DVD is required.

Tune-Up (basic) – $45
Reduce resident programs (startup procedures), remove junk files, fix windows errors, and perform extensive defrag of the hard drive.
If a resident program is found to be a virus then Tune-Up (the works) will be necessary.

Virus Removal/Speed and Clean
Tune-Up (the works)– In shop $75 flat fee If On-Site: $40/hr
3+ hours of diagnostics and services performed on your harddrive to speed it up. Some of the diagnostics and services included are , 5 part disk error check, extensive defragmentation, memory check, remove junk files, fix windows errors, reduce resident programs, uninstall unneeded software, system file verification, three virus scans, and virus removal.

Internal components check – $5
Computer case opened and all dust/debris removed. (Laptops excluded) This service should be performed at least every 6 months to reduce the likelihood of overheating caused by the mixture of dust and moisture, which can result in system failure.

Files/Passwords Recovery – $90

  • File Recovery – We can recover most files that have been deleted/lost even if the computer has been reformatted. Occasionally file recovery is not possible due to extensive file corruption.
  • Password Recovery – We are able to recover passwords from Internet logins, browsers, email clients, dial-up login, and wireless Internet. Some network passwords and windows logins can be cleared of passwords to gain access to your computer again. Also office application files, including Excel, Word, Access and Outlook. All versions of MS Office apply. Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT, RAR, WordPerfect, VBA, 1-2-3, ACT, Paradox, Organizer, Quicken, WinZip, Adobe Acrobat, Schedule, and WordPro.

Revised on: June 25, 2012