A Little About Us

Computer Whisperer is located in Frankfort, OH and provides computer repair services for Washington Court House, Greenfield, Chillicothe, and Circleville and other towns in between. We also perform On-site work, which can be performed within a 20 mile radius. We provide services for both home and small business clients. We have a wide variety of services, including virus, malware, and spyware removal, speeding up your computer, file/password recovery, hardware, and operating system installation. Our most requested service is called Tune-Up “the works”. You can learn more about it on the services page.

Saving you money and giving you the satisfaction of a good running system are our main goals. We welcome you to compare prices with other local computer repair shops.


The Repair Process

Before each repair you will receive a price list of repair options. Some are set prices and others are performed on an hourly basis. After you have chosen the option you want then we make you aware of the cost involved according to the price list or the amount of time involved if performed hourly. At that point you will know the cost of the repair and that price will not change. You will not be hit with a higher price when you come to pick up your computer. Now under rare circumstances we may find that something we did not count on needs to be fixed as well. If this happens, we stop everything and call you to explain what we have found. We will at that time discuss a price to be added, but only if you agree. If you choose to not go any further with the additional repairs then the repairs up to that point will still need to be paid for.

There are some shops that charge just to look at a computer and not fix the problem. Rest assured that you will never be charged if your computer problem is not fixed or a solution to your problem is not found.

We also offer free consultations. This will give you an idea of what your current situation with your system might be. Understand that not all computer problems are as obvious as most others are when first looked at. For more involved problems we may need to look into it further to diagnose the problem.



We are very proud that you chose us for your computer repair needs. So anything we do for you we will stand behind it. If you have an issue that you feel was not properly repaired, then by all means call us. Although we make every attempt to get everything right on the first try, for whatever reason you find you are not 100% satisfied with something then please call. We are not so proud that we can not make a mistake and fix it.